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Matt Holt    graphic designer    illustrator    creative

Flamingo are a new start-up healthy chip company. Currently they offer 3 flavours of chips: tortilla, sweet potato and banana.

All products are vegan and completely gluten-free, with an emphasis on simple, bold, quality ingredients. They wanted to project a fun, striking identity that would immediately remind their younger demographic of healthy, exciting food.

The product packaging needed to vibrant, fun and quickly convey the brands health conscious message. Each flavour should be easily distinguishable and the legibility of text shouldn't be compromised.


I therefore, decided upon a large decorative logo text that could be seen from afar, with a flat colour illustration to accompany in the background. 

Each flavour has it's own distinct colourway that compliments the rest of the design features, yet still retaining a similar look so they appear as part of a group.

Billboard, outdoor posters and bus-stop banner showing the various ways the brand can advertise. Block colour backgrounds and flat colour illustrations have been paired alongside bold slogans, catchphrases and the website URL to direct potential customers.


It was important for the brand to maintains it's fun, spirited attitude across all platforms to build a sense of corporate identity. 

This document outlines the specifications for how the design elements of the brand should be used.


It communicates the colour palette- which colours can/can't be used for the logo variations, the typography associated with the brand and how different fonts and point size should be used for various text elements in designs and also details what kind of graphics are associated with the brand.


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