Glutten is a start-up gluten-free meal kit business. They offer a variety of completely gluten-free recipes which change on a monthly basis.

They wished to project a friendly, inviting image that would immediately remind viewers of healthy, exciting food.


The product packaging needed to quickly and effortlessly convey who the brand are, keep costs low and be environmentally conscious.

Therefore, I decided upon a large placement of the logo on a completely cardboard net box design that could be easily recycled.

Only black ink should be used in the printing process to keep costs to a minimum and reinforce the minimal, effortless design ethos.


The recipe cards contained employ a minimalist, straightforward layout that distinctly separates the name of the dish, serving suggestion,

prep and cooking time, the ingredients involved and the cooking instructions.


Block colour backgrounds and flat colour illustrations have been paired alongside bold slogans, catchphrases and the website URL to

direct potential customers. It was important for the brand to maintains it’s fun, zestful attitude across all platforms to build a sense of corporate identity.


Brand guidelines describe the specifications for how the design elements of the brand should be used. It communicates the colour palette –

which colours can/can’t be used for the logo variations, the typography associated with the brand and how different fonts and point size should be used

for various text elements in designs.