Tasked with advertising who they company are, which courses they have to offer and how 

apprentices can be of benefit to a business; I designed a marketing brochure outlining said criteria.


Employing text, image, info-graphics and icons, it provides a detailed breakdown for potential employers or 

apprentices/learners and a clear call to action to highlight the next steps should they wish to register an interest.


Also shown are an assortment of marketing collateral and posts produced for the companies social media platforms.

Communicating facts/figures, tips and tricks, career opportunities and well-being advice.


It was important that they all retained a similar corporate identity that was contemporary, minimalist, yet friendly, 

so that users could easily distinguish the brand from competitors.

Video demonstrations of various eLearning courses I designed and programmed using 

Articulate Rise and Aptem management system. Integrating interactivity, 

functionality and accessibility features whilst maintaining an intuitive user experience.

The course utilises text, image, A.I. narrated videos (built with Synthesia), 

drag-and-drop interplay and knowledge checks that quiz the learner as they progress.