Promotional material for the Future Insight in Technology 2023 virtual conference hosted by Chess ICT. 

The event sees multiple industry experts share knowledge, best practice and tips on various topics ranging 

from cyber security, broadband, A.I., emerging technologies etc. 



Above are examples of the email designs, social media collateral and the sessions that registered audiences could engage with.

It was important that all the designs maintained a cohesive look and brand identity that was contemporary and reflected

the subject matter of future technologies and the virtual nature of the event.

Above are examples of recurring projects I have designed and directed for Chess ICT that typically release on a monthly schedule.


The Cyber Security video series sees the host invite a panel of industry experts to discuss a particular matter around cyber security,

based on the ‘NCSC’s 10 steps to Cyber Security’ guidance. The format was intended to be conversational and adopt simplified

language to appeal to a larger audience, which could then be published onto YouTube, LinkedIn and as a podcast on Spotify.


The Cyber Security News series saw the host discuss particular stories or events that happened during that month 

and offer audiences advice and guidance on how they could respond or investigate the subjects further.


Likewise with the aforementioned series, this was also published onto YouTube and LinkedIn, therefore the

format needed to be engaging, concise and flashy to appeal to larger audiences.

Promotional video excerpts from the brand launch of the cyber security solutions and services provider – CyberLab. 


The formation of the company was announced at Future Insight in Technology 2023 conference via an introductory session from the CEO.

It was important that the company projected a strong, vibrant image that still remained true to the design values of Chess ICT, 

yet built it’s own distinctive identity.


The brands slogan ‘Detect, Protect, Support’ can be seen as a short, punchy animation to reiterate to audiences the message and purpose.

The CyberLab ‘wheel’ plays a big part in the businesses marketing and promotional strategy, as it acts as a refined piece of iconography

that can effortlessly convey their services to customers.


QR code call-to-actions were placed at the end of the session videos to streamline the user journey so that they could easily find out more and get in touch.

Above are examples of social media adverts promoting events and case studies that the company has been involved with.

GIF animation has also been employed in some instances for visual interest and to introduce moving graphics for audiences to engage with.


Samples of content from the website are also included, again preserving clean, contemporary layouts and structure to emphasise the salient

messages and call-to-actions. Imagery plays a big part in the reinforcing of subject matter, where possible, an image should be utlised as

opposed to a block of text and should always supplement a blog article to ensure the content is more digestable for audiences.